Meghan Brown – Legal Assistant

Meghan Brown

Legal Assistant

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Phone : 613-231-2995 x 27

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Originally from nearby Metcalfe, Ontario, Meghan Brown joined Ken’s team more than 18 years ago when she was young and eager to learn. She remains both of those things. Meghan has grown into a real-estate clerk par excellence who uses her vast real estate experience to complete her transactions smoothly. She is a friendly, kind, yet direct person, and if you have an opportunity to work with Meghan you know that your transaction will proceed easily and effortlessly. This is in part because Meghan’s colleagues in the local real estate community know that doing things Meghan’s way avoids unnecessary stress on all sides. When not receiving the collaboration Meghan requires, clients know that she will advocate through Happy Hour as necessary to protect their interests, even on a Friday. Outside of her work, Meghan enjoys time with her daughter,  playing all of the sports, and watching Netflix.