Our approach to providing client services is simple – professionalism with a touch of humour.

Practice Areas

Real Estate Matters

Buying or selling a home is stressful. Real estate is an area of law where service matters and the manner in which your lawyer completes your sale or purchase will have a direct impact on your state of mind. Refinancing or obtaining a new mortgage? No problem. We can guide you!

Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Estate Planning

It is no surprise that many people do not have a Will or Powers of Attorney. People simply do not know where to start and how to sort things out. Guess what? It’s not complicated!

Estate Administration

The role of the Executor/ Estate Trustee is to distribute the assets of the estate in accordance with the Will, pay debts and taxes. It is often the case that such an individual has no experience in such matters and does not know what to do. It’s an important role and we can help!

Business & Corporate Services

Establishing and maintaining your corporation involves time and energy better spent on running your business! Let us manage the life of your corporation from start to finish. Thinking of buying or selling a business? We’ll be at your side all the way.

Notarial and Commissioning Services

Upon request, we are happy to assist in executing your important documents.

About the Firm

Ken Hoyt Law has been proudly servicing the Ottawa Real Estate community for over 30 years. We’re located in Downtown Ottawa and are one of our city’s leading law firms practicing in the areas of Real Estate, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Estate Planning and Administration, and Corporate Law. Our firm provides the highest standard of client care and services, so you can be sure that you are getting the best possible legal representation. Our experienced and dedicated team is always available at you. When reaching out for legal advice, we want you to know that you can count on our outstanding team. 

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